For Your Special Knurls By Form Rol

        Special Knurl Blanks Carried In Stock

A large variety of knurl blanks are regularly carried in stock insuring fast delivery on special knurls made to customer's specifications.

When ordering special knurls please furnish blueprint of knurl desired or specific information as outlined below.

  1. Outside Diameter of Knurl
  2. Overall Width of Knurl
  3. Size of Hole in Knurl
  4. Dimension of any Shoulders desired, giving Width and Diameter of each.
  5. Knurl Pattern, Straight, Diagonal, Male or Female Diamond.  Diagonal or Diamond Teeth Normally Cut with 30 Helix Angle.
  6. Number of Teeth on knurl.  An Odd Number of Teeth is usually preferred over an Even Number.
  7. Tooth Angle 70 or 90 for Circular Pitch and 80 for Diametral Pitch. (see Table II for Approximate increase in diameter).
  8. All Tolerances unless otherwise specified will be those used on our stock knurls.

We will be glad to quote price and delivery on special knurls upon receipt of the necessary information as outlined above.



Many of the following sizes are available from stock in 16 TPI, 20 TPI, 25 TPI, 30 TPI, 96 DP in Straight and Spiral Patterns:

1/2" Diam. x 1/4" Wide x 3/16" Hole (EQ Series)

5/8" Diam. x 5/16" Wide x 7/32" Hole (GR Series)

7/8" Diam. x 3/8" Wide x 1/4" Hole (MT Series)

*TPI on these spiral knurls only is transverse TPI (To be comparable to Armstrong-Williams knurls)